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CMS ALERT - Important Therapy Update

Date: 12-04-2020

Bluebonnet Therapy Solutions prides itself on the quality of therapy that is given to our residents by the therapy companies that service them.

Medicare Part B programs are designed to improve upon or maintain our residents’ quality of life.

The announcement of cuts scheduled to begin in January are a clear setback for our patients.

Cuts specifically focusing on Medicare Part B therapy will be extremely detrimental to our residents that are in a weakened state after being sick these past few months. An equal number of patients are still sick and are declining as the Covid pandemic continues on currently.

Our staff has worked through unprecedented trials this year during the pandemic, with one goal—-outstanding patient care. This is why they are therapists—-what they went to school for, and where their heart is.

Please take time to use these links to contact your representatives and let them know that these cuts are not a good idea, and to encourage them to support bill HR 4468.

We appreciate your support on this critical issue.

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